Live Animal Transport

Flying live animals around the world with care

Live Animal Transport
We care for mother nature

Specialists in arranging transport of all kinds of animals and pets

Under the Eagle Freight brand name and logo, Gelders Forwarding has vast experience in the transport of live animals worldwide. In the past 15 years Eagle Freight has built up a network of specialist partners, both in the Netherlands and around the globe to ensure the safe, comfortable and respectful tranport of all kinds of animals. 

Official IATA 'Live Animals Regulations'

Eagle Freight strictly adheres to the official IATA ‘Live Animals Regulations’. These regulations were created to respect the well-being of animals. From the moment they arrive at the airport of departure, during their transportation and until the moment they arrive at their destination. We advise and consult our clients regarding the packing requirement for the shipping of their animals. Our mission is to get your animals to their destination in a safe, friendly and respectful way.

Transport of your precious pets

They are walked, fed and treated with the utmost care.

Eagle Freight understands how to handle the transport of your precious pets. We will provide all necessary information to you. If needed, we keep your pets at the Animal Hotel near the airport. The dedicated personnel will look after your pet with the greatest possible care! Our worldwide network allows us to arrange all needed services at the airport of destination as well.

Shipping animals from zoo to zoo

Eagle Freight is a specialist in shipping your animals from zoo to zoo. Besides arranging capacity on the flight, we organize transport from the zoo to the airport of departure as well as from the airport of destination to the designated zoo. All customs formalities and local authority rules are properly followed. Always with respect for the animals!

We care for mother nature